‘Unda Maris’ literally means ‘Wave of the Sea’. 

Believe it or not, it sums up a lot about me. You see, it describes a special organ stop that with pipes that are ‘tuned slightly sharp or flat either to another rank in the stop or to the rest of the organ to produce a wavering or undulating effect.’  So as well as referencing my love of the ocean and scuba diving, it also speaks to my love of music, particularly the organ.

If you’ve found my Blog, you probably know me and know that I’m also tuned a little differently. Sometimes producing a pleasing sound, like the Mantovani Orchestra in full swing or at other times, bucking the trend and getting on your nerves.

At either end of the spectrum, I believe in the power of truth and integrity. Science has enabled me to live longer than I had expected, but I rely on art and ritual to carry me through this life.  My hope is to share some of my journey with you in this Blog.

My thoughts, ideas, emotions, and experiences held here in abeyance. Like the wave of the sea in restless and relentless motion at the pull of distant and powerful stars.

Daniel, 23 May 2017

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Photo by Steven Granger (www.stevengranger.com)