A new community needs new ways to communicate

Things have rapidly changed since my last blog entry, which was encouraging individual actions to empower people to create systems for this time. This time, the time for self-isolation is here now. To be honest, I didn’t realise it would be here so fast. It caught me by surprise last week. Something I have been worried about in itself.
Yesterday was my 40th birthday. I never want to be 40 again. It was infected by worry. While messages of virtual love were steadily flowing, I was deep in worry. I’m an emotional person. And sometimes that emotion can be very hard to control.
I’m sure everyone right now is assessing their own situation, things they would have done differently and what they did do for themselves and for their loved ones. I guess the main point now is to make sure today is completely without contact, look to the future at what is possible for me to do and how to support others.
The past couple of weeks have taken a massive toll.
But if the world doesn’t want to engage you, the answer is to keep engaging the world.
The Facebook group Rodney and chums founded continues to grow. If you haven’t already joined it please do: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LGBTIcovid19.
It’s a mix of community, professionals and others for sharing information, facts and experience. Please encourage its use and support. Groups like this are vital to ensure distribution of good information.
I’ve also been thinking about how to stay engaged and at what level. There is no ‘community’ anymore, so thinking about the problem has to be done by professionals, in whatever field. That kind of makes it difficult if the professionals aren’t willing to engage, especially if they receive government grants. Which let’s face it, is all of them.
There are a lot of professionals in the community engagement space who continue to do very little to promote the lessons of Australia’s world leading response to that other communicable disease, HIV as they relate to other programs, or potentially could relate.
Speaking of which, Coronasex might harder than you think. And a pretty intense workout. Will RSI be on the increase? My tip is engage in a conversation which is stimulating but not challenging.
I’ve already written to local government offering to work on structured programs of community engagement. As I got no response I thought I would offer you, the collective hive mind, my skills and expertise in turning your idea into an offer, a suggestion, an inquiry, a news story and placing it with the right person at the right agency for consideration and implementation. That could be the HIV industry, a philanthropic foundation, a Minister of Government, or the local Leader. To give you some ideas.
It could be a radical redeployment of health resources or a good news story about a particular group meeting online.
I know a lot of you are highly skilled and have a depth of lived experience. I can bring editing, how to approach the media and soundboarding skills. I should warn you though, I am deadly at it.
Email me an outline of your project, idea or submission. danielpebrace@gmail.com or phone me on 0412806034. I’m working normal hours, so don’t expect any response until after 5 pm. If you’re happy with an early call say 6.30-7.30 am, let me know.

Closed doors, not closed hearts.

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