Cabanilles and me: a journey

For some reason the music of Juan Cabanilles (1644–1712) hit a chord with me, in that strange post/mid-covid opening up of Victoria (Australia) during Lent 2021. I think it was the expressive virtuosity of his music, littered as it is with references to the past mystery of modes, and the deeply personal, that compelled me […]

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‘Instruments of reflection’

I love this picture in the hallway of St. Peter’s Parish Centre, where I am Musical Director and organist. Hallways are often used for rushing from one place to another, usually to the loos which are at the end of our hallway. This picture always slows me down. The reflection of the sky in the […]

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My Social Media Confession

As part of coursework for COMM1107 Assessment 01: Online Stakeholder Engagement According to my professional network on LinkedIn, Skills & Endorsement for social media number 50, well above other areas of professional expertise, such as Marketing/Advertising (38) and Public Relations (33). This doesn’t mean I am claiming to be an expert and I’m very grateful […]

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